Nusa Lembongan dive sites

Nusa Lembongan diving site map

The 3 dive sites in the North of Nusa Lembongan are Mangrove, Blue Corner and Lembongan Bay. Less than 15 minutes away from our dive center by speed boat, you will have the pleasure of having 3 completely different dive sites. Blue corner is truly the most "special" dive site and only for experienced divers. Mangrove is a superb drift dive and lastly Lembongan Bay is the dive site for beginners or training dives.

Blue Corner

Blue corner is THE Lembongan dive site. It is certainly the most appreciated by our divemaster but also the most feared. You need good conditions to be able to do it serenely and safely. A must for our experienced divers in search of adrenaline.

  • Difficulty : Expert
  • Max depth : 40+ m
  • Visibility : really good to mild
  • Temperature : 19 to 28 (average 24°c)
  • Currant : Low to really strong
Nusa Lembongan Blue Corner dive site map description

Blue Corner is situated on the North-west coast of Nusa Lembongan. It is one of the most respected dive site by divemaster, and we understand why in the sight of its tragic past. The currents can be very strong, sudden and changeable... There are more suitable periods for diving depending on the effects of the moon and the tides. It is important to follow your guide and not stray from it because the topography is very "misleading". Your guide will show you the ideal path. There are several ways to approach the dive site depending on the conditions. We like to start it in the East part with a slight drift to the West, often in negative entry so as not to disperse the group. Then on the terrace looking slope we will drift on the 20 to 22 meter depth. When conditions allow, we can stroll near the crevasses to inspect the area and especially to look into the blue. We come to Blue Corner for the adrenaline rush but also above all to see the big ones, especially the famous moonfish Mola Mola. Big marbled stingrays are often present and are even a little intimidating. There are often sharks of all kinds, white tips, black tips, bamboo, wobbegong ... Once the corner has been reached you can admire the fauna if conditions allow it once again. We like to continue at shallower depth in order to stroll between large rocks called the cathedral, it is time to think about the safety stop which we like to do ideally away from the current. Blue Corner is one of the best dive site to spot the ocean sunfish Mola Mola, season is from August to November.


Mangrove dive site is a very nice drift. It takes its name from the fact that the entry point is right in front of the mangrove at the northeastern tip of Nusa Lembongan. A dive for all levels with fauna and flora of great beauty.

  • Difficulty : Beginner to expert
  • Max depth : 40+ m
  • Visibility : really good to mild
  • Temperature : 20 to 28 (average 25°c)
  • Currant : Low to strong drift dive
Nusa Lembongan mangrove dive site map description

Here is a very beautiful dive site northeast of Nusa Lembongan. This dive, which is usually drifting, will satisfy all divers as there is such a spectacle. The entry point will be based on the strength of the current, most often facing the mangrove above the plateau. The plateau is quite wide and shallow, the beginning of the dive consists of reaching the slope in order to start the drift. Like a plane in the air, you will see the coral formations so rich in reef fish scroll past. You will also be able to see giant sponges sculpted by the current and with atypical shapes. The slope descends in stages and will allow you to control your depth. The dive site is very long and the end is magnificent with many coral potatoes, small sandy-bottomed valleys, colonies of staghorn acropora. The reef fish fauna is dense and you will not fail to meet the titan triggerfish being the real owners of the place! As always the Blue can reserve some nice surprises, but it's really big barracudas that show up most of the time. No less than 3 species of turtles are also part of the party. However, be careful with the current which can be quite strong and you must follow your guide. This is our favorite dive site for the Padi drift diving specialty.

Lembongan Bay

Lembongan Bay is a small dive site rich in colors, perfectly suited to discover scuba diving and training dives. There are many "pontoons" welcoming snorkelers who come for the day. Dive site with an easy topography, rich in small fishes and macro fauna.

  • Difficulty : Beginner to good
  • Max depth : 15+ m
  • Visibility : really good to bad
  • Temperature : 22 to 29 (average 25°c)
  • Currant : None to low, surge possible
Nusa Lembongan Bay dive site description with clown fishes

Lembongan bay is a small dive site in the easy shallow water of Nusa Lembongan Bay. If the conditions are good and with good visibility it is an explosion of colors. In fact, the white sand bottom brings out all the colors of the coral. Of course, we dive here for an ambiance dive in search of colorful juvenile fishes, crabs, shrimps, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, anemones ...

We love doing the first dive of the Open water course on this dive site as well as specialties such as Peak performance buoyancy or fish identification.

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